12.812 (Fall): The general circulation of the atmosphere and climate change

Class description

Describes the general circulation of Earth's atmosphere and its maintenance. Second half of the course explores the response of the general circulation to climate change. (Pre-req: 12:810 or instructor's permission)


• Meets in 54-824 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-3:30pm
• Office hour Wednesday at 11am in 54-1712
• Download the class syllabus

Lecture slides

1. Introduction
2. Observations and analysis
3. Mean state and variability (part a)
3. Mean state and variability (part b)
4. Energetics
5. Angular momentum
6. Hydrological cycle
7. Annular modes

Problem sets

Problem set 1 (pdf) (due October 3rd)
Problem set 2 (pdf) (due October 17th)
Problem set 3 (pdf) (due October 31st)


Schedule of dates and topics for the seminar part of the class.