Effective static stability

A matlab script to evaluate the effective static stability (described here) experienced by eddies in a moist atmosphere as derived in O'Gorman, JAS, 68, 75-90, 2011: eff_stat_stab.m

Precipitation extremes scaling estimate

A matlab script to evaluate a scaling estimate for the intensity of precipitation extremes following O'Gorman and Schneider, PNAS, 106, 14773-14777, 2009: precip_extremes_scaling.m

(A python version is available from Oliver Angelil)

Moist available potential energy

Matlab code to evaluate the moist available potential energy using the divide and conquer algorithm introduced in Stansifer, O'Gorman and Holt, QJRMS, 143, 288-292, 2017: moist_ape.tar

Zero-buoyancy plume model

Matlab script to evaluate the zero-buoyancy plume model of Singh and O'Gorman, GRL, 40, 4398-4403, 2013. This model has been used to explain changes in CAPE and thermal stratification with warming in radiative-convective equilibrium: zero_buoyancy_plume.m

Machine learning convection scheme

Python scripts to train a machine learning algorithm (random forest) to emulate a convection scheme and perform offline diagnostics, and Fortran 90 code to implement the random forest as a convection scheme in a GCM following O'Gorman and Dwyer, JAMES, 10, 2548-2563, 2018: random_forest_convection_scheme.tar.gz