Weakening of the extratropical storm tracks when solar geoengineering is used to offset greenhouse-gas driven warming
MIT News Article, June 2020.

The promise of machine learning in climate modeling
MIT News Article, February 2019.

Changing energy of the atmosphere in northern summer over 1979-2017: Less energy available for extratropical cyclones, but more for associated convection
MIT News Article, February 2019.
See also an interview about the study on CBS

Graduate student Ziwei Li wins an Outstanding Student Presentation Award at AGU fall meeting 2018
In his talk, Ziwei discussed the contribution to changes in extratropical precipitation extremes from changes in vertical velocities using the quasigeostrophic omega equation.

Prof. O'Gorman is awarded the MIT School of Science graduate teaching prize
MIT News Article, Aug 2018.

Graduate student Margaret Duffy wins an award for excellence in teaching from the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
EAPS education office, May 2018.

Why does extreme precipitation intensify at different rates in different regions of the world in climate-model simulations?
MIT news story, May 2017.

Refocusing climate research in a new era
Climate@MIT interview and MIT news story, April 2017.

How does climate warming affect the intensity of daily snowfall extremes?
MIT News Article and spotlight on the MIT homepage, August 2014.

Snowfall animation from the MIT homepage on Thursday October 28th

Graduate student Marty Singh received an award for his oral presentation at the AMS AOFD conference 2013
In his presentation, Marty discussed how entrainment helps to determine the mean thermal stratification in radiative-convective equilibrium.
(See also AGU Highlight published in EOS)

Using observed variability to constrain the response of tropical rainfall extremes to climate change
MIT News Article, September 2012.
(See also News and Views by Geert Lenderink.)

Does the energy available to extratropical storms increase with global warming?
It turns out that the answer depends on the season and hemisphere in question. MIT news article, October 2010.
(See also highlights in Nature Climate Change and PNAS. )

A discussion of the rates of change in the amount of water vapor under global warming
Environmental research news article, April 2010.

Understand and run your own climate model
New MIT course aimed at undergraduates, January 2010.

A simple model for the relationship between tropical precipitation and column water vapor
GRL Editor's Highlight, August 2009.

What does physical theory suggest for the rate of intensification of precipitation extremes under global warming?
MIT news article, August 2009.