Research Group

Paul O'Gorman

Ziwei Li
Graduate student
Dynamical contribution to precipitation extremes

Margaret Duffy
Graduate student
Tropical response to climate change

Matthieu Kohl
Graduate student
Vertical velocities in atmospheric macroturbulence

Charles Gertler
Graduate student (co-advised with Ron Prinn)
Available potential energy and the extratropical storm tracks

Yani Yuval
Postdoctoral fellow
Use of machine learning in modeling of the atmosphere

Sarah Weidman
Undergraduate researcher
Mean precipitation response to climate change

Former graduate students and postdocs

Caroline Muller (now a researcher at CNRS, Paris)

Marty Singh (now a lecturer at Monash University, Melbourne)

Mike Byrne (now a lecturer at St. Andrews and a research fellow at Oxford)

Dino Belugi (now a postdoc at U.C. Berkeley)

John Dwyer (now a data scientist in industry)